Happy International Women’s Day – Let’s Smash Some Ceilings, Folks!

I have thought deeply about all the different ways I could approach this topic, there are so many incredible movements that are bringing light to the important issue of women’s rights.

Perhaps among the most well known, the #metoo Movement is finally drawing attention to the injustices of our patriarchal society, albeit through the painful experiences of the women impacted, myself included. The impact of these different forms of abuse is beyond horrific. Justice absolutely is due, to speak lightly of the matter.

However, that being said, I want to do what I can to direct the stage in a positive way. As easy, and fun, as it would be to use this day as the perfect opportunity to man bash (we sure as hell have enough ammo), it is admittedly, highly unproductive. Seeing as my set intention for Women’s Day is to enact change and encourage growth, we’ll save that petty goodness for a different occasion.

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Onward toward the positivity!

History Spark-Noted

March 8th became what is now known as International Women’s Day at the 1910 International Conference of Working Women by unanimous vote, and is still celebrated today over a century later – yaaaas ladies, this is teamwork at its finest!

Two years prior in 1908, 15,000 strong-willed, independent af women marched through New York City for women’s equality in work hours, better pay, and voting rights. The first Women’s Day was observed in NY the following year. This outstanding display of motivated activism and strength in like-minded numbers goes to show how movements for social change have impacted the privileges we enjoy today.

What Women Can Do To Support Women

Ladies, let’s face the facts, there is a lot that separates us – ethnicity, cis/trans, sexuality, upbringing/socioeconomic background, culture. But what many of us fail to recognize is that there is far more that we all have in common than the things that set us apart.

In having a shared cause, it is important that women have a united front in the further advancement of our rights and that we appreciate and celebrate our diversity. Yes, we all have unique challenges that are subjective to the individual, however, I am not a subscriber to the “my problem is bigger/more important than your problem” mindset that too often plagues our sense of together-ness.

International Womens Day March by Dying Regime
International Womens Day March by Dying Regime is licensed under CC by 2.0; Source

Our differences are what can make us strong if we only knew the value of embracing them, rather than trying to force everyone into a homogenized gender role deemed “correct” by societal standards. Be loving, be kind, be supportive!

Ask yourself – Is there a particular subject or cause you feel strongly about? Pro-choice, work place equality, LGBTQ+, just to name a few. It doesn’t even have to be a strictly “women’s rights issue” – the key here is Empowerment.

When we empower ourselves, we can then start to empower others. Learn about the things that matter to you and then share your voice! Attend marches, peaceful protests, spread your time and love in a meaningful way – get active, get involved.

What Men Can Do To Support Women

Besides get out of our f*cking way and apologizing profusely for millennia of oppression? (I kid, I kid!) It can be challenging for men to speak up about women’s rights, simply because even those who do care and are supportive may feel it is not their place to speak on these issues.

I absolutely agree with certain women’s issues (reproductive rights, sexual consent, etc) where “no vagina, no opinion” totally applies, but there are still ways you can make a difference!

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Women’s Day celebrations by GovernmentZA is licensed under CC by ND 2.0; Source

Actually go to protests, marches, for women’s rights. We know, we know, you’ve got man parts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t support! Lend your platform, voice, support to women – in our patriarchal society, men are more likely to be heard. Use your privilege!

Actively listen to the women in your life who are important to you, chances are if the women in your life care about it, other women feel the same. Be present, be loving, be respectful.

Hell Yes, Feminism

For the record, for those who still do not understand what feminism is (for reasons unbeknownst to those of us who are woke), Feminism is simply the advocacy of equal rights, regardless of sex or gender, be it social, economical, political, personal.

Some may argue that things are better now than they used to be. While this may be true, it does not mean women by any means have equal rights, nor is there justice for many crimes against women. Yes there has been improvement, however, improvement doesn’t mean it is time to stop striving for equality and growth, nor does it mean the issues at hand have been resolved – far from it.

Ladies, let’s make it a point to stop undermining and tearing down other women, and instead, make an honest effort to empower and support each other to the best of our abilities.

In this same vein, we also need to stop making men the bad guy. Yes, you read that right. I’ll say it again for those in the back. We as women must stop making men the villain. Remember that sexism can work both ways, so let us practice what we preach!

It is our job to educate, inspire, to help bring understanding to those who are not aware, and to lead by example.

International Women's Day March by Molly Adams
International Women’s Day March by Molly Adams is licensed under CC by 2.0; Source

While it is incredibly frustrating and at times enraging to deal with sometimes willful ignorance, we must remember that hate can only breed more hate. We must be the change we wish to see. If it is love and equality we desire, we must first embody these things. It starts with treating ourselves with love first, and showing other women and men this same love. 

This include not berating and belittling our men! There is a place for both the feminine and masculine. One cannot exist without the other. And we must remember that true empowerment comes not from tearing others down, but through rising up together. 

Let’s all take a stand today ladies and gents! Whether that’s through art, activism, fucking your significant others with a strap-on (hey, what ever works, but remember people, SSC – safe, sane, consensual), or just simply spreading awareness, everyone has the voice to make an impact.

What kind of imprint do YOU want to leave?

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